What are some truths about life nobody tells you?

  1. The manner a person does a thing is how they will do most things.

  2. Friends and family may wish you well, but most won’t want you to do better than them.

  3. Be careful with those closest to you, only a few would be genuinely happy that you’re better than them, as, for the rest, it would only incite hatred.

  4. Not all but most people give to get back. Before you receive you might as well ask yourself, why and what?

  5. Knowing people is not very difficult, all you need do is watch how they treat you when you’re rich and when they are richer than you.

  6. People want to talk, they rarely want to listen. If you want to learn to communicate, learn when to open your one mouth and how to listen with your two ears.

  7. You could give everything, even your life to the wrong person and they still won’t appreciate your efforts but don’t make the mistake of saying human beings are bad, you only met the wrong person.

  8. We live in a world where everyone is right, a world where everyone is possibly wrong. Keep an open mind, learn to see things as they are objectively.

  9. In a backward society, who you know is far better than what you know.

  • Don’t fight a battle you can’t win, it would be mere noise, no, not that, it would be like losing twice. Come out only when you’re ready. And when you move, cause the grounds to open and make the walls crack.

“The world is a dancing masquerade. If you want to understand it, you can’t remain standing in one place.” Chinua Achebe.


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