A young lady went to interview Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest people on the planet.
She asked him, “Mr Gates, what’s the secret of your success?”
Bill Gates thought for a brief moment and then went to his drawer and whipped out his checkbook. He told her to write down any amount she wanted.
Awkwardly, she looked around and said, rather shyly, “This is not what I meant, sir”, and then tried to ask the same question in a different way.
He gave her the same answer as he handed her the same check she had refused to collect earlier. But she still declined the offer.
He then tore up the check and threw it into the dustbin.
He said to her:
“The secret of my success is that I don’t miss opportunities as you just did. You could have been the richest interviewer in the world but you missed your chance. You refused to believe that I was serious.”
Here’s The Lesson:
Opportunities are all around us and available to anyone, but they won’t be always there. Our lifelong mental blocks refuse to allow us to grab them.
Throughout life, our minds are too brainwashed to believe that we deserve better things, and so, we have no incentive to grab them. Our minds refuse to believe that we are worthy of the opportunities that come our way. We think that other people deserve them more than we do.
Develop discernment to detect an opportunity when it presents itself.
Develop an instinct to react quickly before the opportunity disappears.
Opportunities are like a potential lover. If you don’t grab then quick enough they’ll move on to the next person. Whoever is ready will be the one to grab it.
Success comes when you see an opportunity in front of you and grab it before somebody else does.
The Moral of the Story
So, the moral of the story is that when presented with an opportunity, however awkward it may seem, like an event to attend, a course to take, an invitation to attend an online course, a lesson to learn, a phone call for a mentorship program, scholarship, or whatever you consider to be an opportunity, don’t ask questions—Just grab it!
The problem is that we’ve become too skeptical to everything, even to opportunities that could change our lives.
The most successful person is the man or woman who is not afraid to take risks.
Right here, if you look around, there are many opportunities to transform many people’s lives but I doubt if there are many people who are willing to take the risks.
Even now, as the Covid-19 coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the world, opportunities are also spreading everywhere.
Even now, when most people are not going to work, you can think of an opportunity to provide real services to people who cannot access them.
In fact, most professions do not require you to commute to work as long you have a laptop and an internet connection.
For example, since most countries have either imposed a curfew or a total lockdown, it means there is high demand for food and delivery services. What’s most interesting is that you can provide these services directly from the comfort your home using a laptop and an internet connection.
The internet has presented a host of endless possibilities when it brought the workplace right into our homes.
How many times have we declined to take an opportunity that would have changed our lives, only to regret it later?
How many times have we declined to grab an opportunity because we thought the opportunity was too good to be true?
However, our minds are not wired for success. We’re wired to fear and complaining especially when a calamity strikes and we’re too blinded by fear that we cannot see one meter away.

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